From expansive landscapes to modern offices, the 10 best-selling photos on 500px


posted Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 2:09 PM EDT


PetaPixel's Michael Zhang, along with the help of the team at 500px, has compiled a list of the ten bestselling photos on 500px. Further, they've shared why each image is doing so well within their commercial licensing system.

In these ten images, all but three of them show people, which highlights the marketability of images with people in them, even in landscape images such as Distant Wonderland by Max Rive below. Of the fifth best-selling Distant Wonderland, 500px says, "Small people in a big world is always going to guarantee you an eye catching image…and the anonymity of the people make it easily relatable."

A couple of the images in the top ten, #6 500px Team by Evgeny Tchebotarev and #2 Team Collaboration by Natta Summerky both showcase people collaborating and working, perfect for many stock image uses, without actually looking like a stock image.

In the best-selling image below, Anek S' Doi Inthanon National Park, you can see a pair of hot air balloons over an expansive landscape. "The vibrant colors along with the misty mountains create a feeling of inspiration, imagination, and freedom," says 500px.

To see all ten of the best-selling images on 500px's marketplace, check out the full article here.

They're all excellent images and it's neat to hear from 500px on why these images have been successful on their marketplace. Further, viewing them gives photographers who wish to start selling their work or improve their sales on 500px a good idea of what customers are looking for.

(Seen via PetaPixel. Index image: "Blinded" by Max Rive)