Photographer uses drone footage and Photoshop to create surreal curved landscapes


posted Friday, January 29, 2016 at 6:48 PM EDT

Turkish Photographer Aydin Büyüktaş’ project known as "Flatland" takes meticulously planned drone photos and turns them into surreal, three-dimensional landscapes.

Utilizing 3D software and planning for two months, he was able to figure out how to make his photos have a smooth, curving landscape. Locations were photographed multiple times from different angles and altitudes with a drone. Originally, Aydin made a collage of physical prints, but the results were unsatisfactory. He now uses Photoshop to create a digital composite, which takes days of editing for each image.

He told PetaPixel that “Waiting for the right weather was challenging. There were so many times I had to turn back without any photos because of bad weather, technical problems, birds that attacked my drone, and permission issues with flying.”


A photo posted by @aydinbuyuktas on



A photo posted by @aydinbuyuktas on

To see more of Aydin Büyüktaş' work, visit his website, his Facebook page, and follow him on Instagram.

(Seen via PetaPixel. Index image.)