Over 100,000 4K video assets now available on Adobe Stock


posted Monday, February 8, 2016 at 12:34 PM EDT

Adobe announced late last week that it has added over 100,000 native 4K video assets to its Adobe Stock collection.

Joining the large collection which already contains over a million video assets and 45 million images and graphics, the new 4K video assets are now available, with new assets being continually added. Per Adobe: "4K is increasingly becoming the new standard for video production, and demand for higher resolution content, sometimes referred to as UHD, is growing quickly." 4K video provides users more detail and more flexibility in post-production, even if the final output will be at a lower resolution.

All 4K Adobe Stock video assets are native 4K, which means that they were either recorded in 4K or were rendered in 4K (in the case of computer-generated media). In addition, Adobe has uploaded five 4K video assets to their Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel.

4K video assets are available for $199.99, with HD versions of the 4K clips available for $79.99. Standard licensing terms apply, but impressions are unlimited. For more information, see here.

(Seen via The Digital Picture