Apple CEO Tim Cook proves that it’s the photographer that makes the photo, not the camera


posted Monday, February 8, 2016 at 7:08 PM EDT

On the heels of another "Shot on iPhone" campaign, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave the internet something to joke about last night with a blurry photo taken on the field after Super Bowl 50.

In congratulating the Denver Broncos on their Super Bowl victory, Cook tweeted out the image below. It is surprising that Cook opted to share such a blurry image with his nearly 2 million followers (and the additional people that are seeing the image as it makes its rounds on the rest of the Internet).

This image might not be sending the best message about iPhone photography. Editor in chief of PhoneScoop Rich Brome (@rbrome) said on Twitter, "Uh…Is the message here that iPhones take terrible photos of important moments?! Because that really seems to be the [message] here." 

Cook set himself up for a wide variety of jokes with this post, including users wondering if he captured the offending image with a toaster or a potato. Our own William Brawley (an iPhone user like myself) whipped up this excellent Photoshop using this image from Flickr user Billie Grace Ward.


In all seriousness, it turns out that Cook did, in fact, capture a sharp image at the Super Bowl using his iPhone, which you can see below. In hindsight, maybe it would have been for the best to share only this photo on the Internet. Although, people say that there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

I'm sure that we've all taken blurry photos with whichever phones (or dedicated cameras) we use, but readers, do you think Cook might've fared better with a Samsung or LG phone?