VSCO moves beyond filters and photos, launches original content covering a variety of art forms


posted Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 12:21 PM EDT


The popular photography application VSCO has now launched VSCO Originals, fresh original content that is exclusively on VSCO.

VSCO Originals "highlights humanity" and each of the titles aim to offer "a unique perspective that goes beyond traditional editorial coverage." These Originals have been created in collaboration with writers, editors, photographers, and VSCO community members.

The original content is divided into four "journals" which users can follow. Venue documents new music through both video and still imagery. Cyclopedia is focused on "discovering and learning science, history, and culture through visually experimental presentations." All Kinds of Human is about exploring human diversity while also highlighting moments of unity. Finally, Manifattura is a journal about artists across various mediums who come together through collaborative projects.

There are four more journals that are coming soon. 23.5 will explore global cultural perspectives. Max will be a journal focused on the self-discovery and growth of young women. A raw look at maniacal personas "that exist in the recess of an everyday world," CBN comes with a viewer discretion advisory. The fourth journal coming soon, Academy, is all about "informing and helping people of all levels, through tutorials and interviews, to learn, be inspired, and engage in the art of photography." (I'm personally very excited to see what comes of Academy).

The eight VSCO Originals "journals," which users can selectively follow. Venue, Cyclopedia, All Kinds of Human, and Manifattura are available now. The other four are coming soon.

All of the VSCO Originals content so far is excellently-produced and visually interesting. Some of the content is long-form text and imagery, such as A Living History, which explores the town of Nicodemus, Kansas, a farming town settled by a black community in the late 1800s. Other content is more bite-sized, such as Decomposition, a time-lapse video and short text discussing the breaking down of organic matter.

You can view the VSCO Originals content on the VSCO website or on the free VSCO application. It will be interesting to see how this new original content impacts VSCO's user base (which currently sits at around 30 million users). As of now, only the All Kinds of Human channel has submission guidelines, but VSCO is sourcing original content from outside contributors and it pays "standard editorial" rates.

(Seen via The Verge