Lightweight drones may be able to fly freely after all: FAA proposing amended bill


posted Friday, February 12, 2016 at 4:49 PM EDT


While it is too late for those who already registered their drones, it's possible that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) might not require all drones to be registered come this spring.

DIY Photography is reporting that the FAA's funding bill has had a "Micro Drone" amendment added which would allow drones under 4.4 pounds (roughly 2 kilograms) to fly without being registered. This potential regulation change comes only a short time after the FAA started requiring all drones to be registered.

There are some conditions beyond the weight limit, however. If Congress approves this amended funding bill by March 31st, unregistered drones will be unable to fly higher than 400 feet, fly faster than 46 miles-per-hour, be flown out of sight of their operator, be used at night, or fly within five miles of an airport.

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(Seen via DIY Photography