How many Photoshop blunders can you find in this swimsuit image?


posted Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 2:43 PM EDT

It's not unusual to see Photoshop mistakes in advertising, but the Snickers candy brand has decided to embrace retouching mistakes with their advertisement on the back cover of Sports Illustrated's 2016 Swimsuit Issue.

After advertising on the back cover of last year's issue as well, Snickers remarks that "photo retouchers get confused when they're hungry." Indeed! According to Snickers there are eleven mistakes in total... can you spot them all?

The advertisement was created by advertising agency BBDO New York and the photographer was Vincent Dixon. How many of the mistakes can you spot in the image below?

Can you find all eleven Photoshop mistakes in this Snickers ad?

Visit Adweek's article on the advertisement if you'd like to view the image in a larger format. And if you think you've conquered this image, you can test your observational skills with this set of purposefully blundered Colgate ads from 2012.

The lesson clearly is that you should steer clear of Photoshop when you're hungry. Let us know in the comments below which mistakes you've been able to find.

(Seen via AdWeek