Macphun hopes to make Aurora HDR Pro available to more users with installment plan pricing


posted Friday, February 26, 2016 at 1:57 PM EDT

Macphun has taken a fresh approach to selling their popular Aurora HDR Pro software for OS X. Instead of offering the software exclusively for a $99 USD one-time payment, Macphun has now given consumers the option to buy the software in three $33 USD monthly installments.

In order to make their software more affordable, they wanted to reduce the up-front cost to photographers. In the spirit of increasing availability, Macphun also announced that Aurora HDR Pro will be receiving German, Spanish, and Japanese language support in an update this month.

There is no downside to paying for the software in installments as there is no added interest and the total cost is identical to the one-time price of $99. Once the first payment is made, photographers will be able to install the Aurora HDR Pro software on up to five Mac computers. Macphun has heard from their customers that $99 can be a bit steep, especially for hobbyist photographers. They've tried the software (free trial available here) and love it, but $99 is too much to spend at one time on photo software.

Screenshot showing Aurora HDR Pro in action.

The Aurora HDR software is a co-project by developer Macphun and professional photographer Trey Ratcliff. Some of Aurora HDR Pro's features include a "best-in-class tone mapping algorithm," HDR presets, support for layers and blend modes, RAW processing, plug-in support (Aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop), and much more.

Side-by-side screenshots showing a glimpse of Aurora HDR Pro's user interface. On the left you can see the default list of adjustments you can make. On the right you can see the sliders system.

If a three-time payment of $33 is too much, you can also purchase a "standard" edition of Aurora HDR from the Mac App Store for $39.99, although you miss out on multiple licenses (unless you use Family Sharing for Mac App Store purchases), RAW support, unlimited layers, unlimited number of brackets to merge, luminosity masking, chromatic aberration reduction, gradient masking, and Trey Ratcliff's HDR presets.

For more information on Aurora HDR Pro and their payment options, see the product page.

(Seen via Photography Blog