Nikon gives Image Space photo sharing service new features, fresh coat of paint


posted Friday, February 26, 2016 at 5:53 PM EDT

In collaboration with Nikon SnapBridge, which will be included in many of Nikon's new cameras moving forward, Nikon has updated their Nikon Image Space photo sharing service.

The free service, originally launched in January of 2013, has received three new and improved modes. "View" mode provides users with "intuitive browsing of photos." The new "Report" mode provides analysis of your photographic tendencies, such as which aperture values you tend to use most and compare your photographic tendencies against other photographers. Finally, the existing "Organize" mode has been improved to provide more "natural photo organization." Other improvements include a customizable photo sharing function, password protection for particular images, and a tag-based browsing function.

With Nikon SnapBridge, users will be able to automatically transfer and upload their images directly to the new Nikon Image Space. Free users will be able to upload an unlimited number of 2-megapixel images to Image Space. Nikon users who register for a Nikon ID Plan (free for Nikon camera owners) will be able to store up to 20GB of images to Nikon Image Space. A Basic Plan is also available which offers 2GB of storage.

Nikon's new "Report" feature in the relaunched Nikon Image Space allows you to view reports on how you capture photos and see how you compare to other photographers.

In addition to the Nikon SnapBridge application (view the video overview of SnapBridge below to learn more), an updated Nikon Image Space app is available now from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. For more information on Nikon Image Space, view the product tour

(Seen via Photography Blog