Nikon issues updated service advisory for D750 shutter problems


posted Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 11:52 AM EDT


Issues continue to crop up for the poor ol' Nikon D750, it seems. Beginning with the odd flare issue, which we investigated, Nikon quickly announced a fix to remedy the problem. Then, down the road a few months later, we get word that there was a range of D750 models with a malfunctioning shutter mechanism. In this instance, affected models had shutters that could leave parts of an image underexposed. Again, Nikon was quick to act and offered a free repair service for the affected cameras.

However, now it seems this "shutter shading" issue is still occurring to an even larger range of D750 models. Initially, the original July 2015 service advisory indicated that this issue was centered around D750s manufactured between October and November of 2014, however, the service advisory was just updated on February 29th and reveals that the shutter problem has been discovered on models produced between December 2014 and June 2015.

The D750's 7-digit serial number is located on the bottom of camera.

As with the earlier service advisory notice, the Nikon page has a tool to check your D750's serial number to see if it's affected by the problem. If your camera is one of those with the issue, after verifying the serial number, Nikon will provide information for repairing your D750 free of charge. After sending your D750 to Nikon, the shutter mechanism will be examined and replaced for free -- and even if the camera's warranty has expired.

(Thanks Reddit!)