Ricoh GR II Field Test: This more-connected street shooter takes a tour of the real world


posted Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 4:38 PM EDT


Ricoh's GR-series cameras have been popular with street photographers all the way back to the film days. In no small part, that's thanks to their compact, stealthy nature and bright, sharp prime lenses. The latest iteration of the GR-series is the Ricoh GR II, and I've just published my in-depth field test of this interesting camera, which shares much with the preceding Ricoh GR.

The GR II shares essentially the exact same imaging pipeline with its predecessor, so if you're already familiar with that camera, you'll know what to expect in terms of image quality. (And if you're not, you can find out by taking a look over my earlier Ricoh GR review, not to mention the many gallery images sprinkled throughout my Ricoh GR II Field Test and our healthy selection of lab samples.)


For this field test, I focused mainly on testing what's new in the GR II, which is to say quite a bit. Most significantly, the new model adds perhaps the most open Wi-Fi wireless communications functionality we've seen to date. It supports complete control of pretty much every feature of the camera, and not just from Android or iOS, but also just about any fully-featured web browser on other mobile and desktop operating systems.


But what did I think of the GR II's new Wi-Fi capability and its other new features? To find out, you'll want to read my in-depth Ricoh GR II Field Test for the full story!



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