posted Monday, March 7, 2016 at 6:33 PM EDT


After focusing on the build quality, design and general shooting characteristics of the Sony RX1R II in my first Field Test, I circled back to test some of the RX1R II's new features and performance capabilities -- namely testing C-AF capabilities and the new variable low-pass filter technology. I've also looked into video performance and the camera's wireless features.

Despite its fixed 35mm f/2 lens and rather humble 5fps burst rate, I was curious -- given the addition of phase-detect autofocus in this updated model -- whether or not you could comfortably and capably photograph sports and other fast-moving subjects with this camera. I had quite a fun time shooting this camera in a sports setting, despite the lens being a bit wider than I would have liked and the burst rate not being the quickest. Continuous AF performance was quite good for the most part, and considering the orginial RX1 didn't even include C-AF functionality, this is a big plus.

f/2, 1/1250s, ISO 2500. JPEG conversion from RAW using Capture One 9.

The RX1R II's really nifty variable low-pass filter is a rather ground-breaking feature. It lets you have basically two cameras in one: one for ultimate detail and resolution and another that protects against unsightly artifacts -- all at the press of a few buttons. The 42MP sensor delivers tons of detail already, even with the LPF engaged fully, but disabling it does give images a slight bump in fine detail...but the risk of moiré and aliasing is there.

f/5.6, 1/800s, ISO 125. Low-Pass Filter OFF.

Lastly, I dive in to the RX1R II's video capabilities and wireless features. On the video front, it's a little disappointing not to have 4K capabilities, but the 1080/60p video looks really nice and the 120p option is great for slow-motion (if you're okay with a dip in resolution to 720p). Wi-Fi features are decent, though it's not without some hiccups and performance issues along the way. Image transfers work as described, but remote control capabilities needed an update to really provide the functionality I expected.

For all the details, jump over to my detailed Sony RX1R II Field Test Part II. Also, be sure to check out my Part I in case you haven't done so, and be on the lookout as we wrap up our Sony RX1R II Review soon with our image and print quality tests and our final verdict.

f/5.6, 1/500s, ISO 125. Low-Pass Filter OFF.

Sony RX1R II Field Test Part II

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