Caffeine Priority: Compact and stylish Fujifilm X70 makes a good first impression


posted Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 6:00 AM EST


Wake up with IR... Here's today's dose of Caffeine Priority!

Fujifilm’s new APS-C fixed-focal length X70 combines a lot of aspects that I’ve liked with previous Fujifilm cameras and brings them to a new moderately compact camera body. The Fuji X70 is a small but highly capable camera that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using so far.

As has been the case with many Fujifilm cameras of late, this retro-inspired camera features numerous physical controls that should satisfy the more seasoned photographers out there. The X70 has a shutter speed dial and an exposure compensation dial on the top of the camera, as well as a manual aperture ring around the lens -- similar to its bigger brother, the Fuji X100T. 

Despite being compact, the camera is actually quite comfortable to hold and use. There is a small front grip, which despite not adding a lot of depth to the camera, does add a lot of comfort for the user. The camera doesn’t make many compromises despite its compact nature.


The X70 utilizes a fixed focal length lens which has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28mm and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. The lens is the same length even when turning the camera on, unlike many compact fixed-lens cameras, which is really nice. I haven’t extensively tested the lens yet, but it has so far proven to be very capable.

28mm equivalent (18.5mm) , f/8, 1/60s, ISO 640, BW (Yellow) film simulation, +1 EV

Performance is impressive with the X70 as well. The autofocus system has thus far performed well, proving to be quite quick and accurate. Metering has worked okay, although I have regularly found myself needing to use the exposure compensation dial to increase exposure. 

28mm equivalent (18.5mm), f/8, 1/170s, ISO 200, +2/3 EV

Overall, the X70 has impressed me. It is a fun camera to use. Its very hands-on controls have at times prompted me to slow down and be more deliberate in the field, which I appreciate. When needed, the camera can also be quick, with a dependable fully automatic mode and other fast-paced shooting modes.

28mm equivalent (18.5mm), f/11, 1s, ISO 200

Look forward to my full field test of the X70 in the coming weeks, where I will discuss all of the above in greater detail and also discuss low light performance, video performance, and more.

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