Automated vs manual: Three easy-to-use methods for performing lens corrections in Photoshop


posted Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 6:59 AM EDT has put together a tutorial that covers three different methods to perform lens corrections in Photoshop.

The first technique is using the batch lens distortion correction feature. This is accessed by going to 'File -> Automate -> Lens Correction.' Once you've selected 'Lens Correction,' you will then be able to select all of the images you want to correct, select a few options, and then Photoshop will take care of the rest and put the correct files into a subfolder of the root folder. This is a very easy way to perform lens corrections in Photoshop.

But what if you want more control? You can convert the image layer to a 'Smart Object' and then you can apply an 'Adaptive Wide Angle' filter. When you select the 'Perspective' correction, you can adjust your scale, focal length, and crop factor. While you can simply increase the focal length to reduce distortion in many cases, you can instead use the top-left tool in the filter and draw lines on your image where straight lines should exist, such as a wall for example. While this works very well, it is time-consuming, so you might not want to use this method for an entire folder full of images.

Camera Raw, meanwhile, allows for easy lens corrections on RAW files. The 'Lens Corrections' tab in Camera Raw allows you to quickly perform automatic lens corrections, but it also offers you some manual control if desired. The automatic results work really well, but it is nice to have access to the many additional options if you want to tune the results to your tastes.

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