A modern take on vintage cameras: Dora Goodman makes beautifully crafted custom film cameras


posted Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 2:27 PM EST


Older film cameras might lack the technical wizardry of their modern equivalents, but their attractive styling and ergonomics still exude charm all these decades later, something modern retro-styled gear like the Nikon Df or Fuji X-T1 attempts to replicate. But that's not to say that the vintage gear can't itself be improved upon. Dora Goodman modifies film cameras to create stunning works of art that are unlike anything else out there.

Dora's day job is being a producer for a company that makes computer-generated trailers for video games. She tells Japan Camera Hunter that she started working on cameras because her day job didn't allow her to work with her hands in the way that she desires; she likes to work with wood, glass, and metal.

It can be difficult to work all day and then come home to work on her cameras, but it's a labor of love. Check out Dora's Instagram and Tumblr to see her cameras and her other work.

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(Seen via Japan Camera Hunter