Same Tree, Different Day project proves there’s always a new photo hidden even in familiar subjects


posted Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 6:59 AM EDT


Some of the coolest photos can come from the simplest of ideas. The same is just as true of photo series, as is nicely demonstrated by Same Tree, Different Day, a photo project with the simplest of beginnings.

In the first days of last year, Colorado Springs, Colorado-based professional photographer Mike Pach noticed a snow-covered tree in an adjacent park through his kitchen window, and saw a photo opportunity. Heading outside, Pach caught what was to become the first shot in a yearlong series which, courtesy of an Indiegogo campaign, he now hopes to expand from the web to the art gallery.

The first shot in the Same Tree, Different Day series.

Each day after that first image, Pach awoke at dawn, ready and willing to shoot another photo of his beloved tree with the sunrise. If he didn't see a shot he liked, he waited patiently, checking back every now and again through the day, and if necessary experimenting with different photographic techniques to give the shot a little extra visual interest, or adding a little something to the scene himself, either in real life or in post-processing.


More often than not, though, Mother Nature provided all by herself, providing stunning skies, lightning storms, wayward wildlife and more. Although you might have expected it to prove challenging to find something new in that same subject, day after day, Pach sometimes found himself struggling to cull his photos down to just a single favorite shot.


And now that the project is complete, Pach -- who volunteers his time for a weekly photography-themed radio show on local station KCMJ 93.9 FM -- is asking for help in covering the costs of bringing Same Tree, Different Day to an art gallery. Thru a just-launched Indiegogo campaign, he's offering a selection of prints from the series in different sizes, as well as keychains and even one-on-one photo instruction if you're in (or visiting) the Colorado Springs area.  


To see more from the project, visit the Same Tree, Different Day blog. It's a simple and yet beautiful reminder that there are new photos to be found even in old, familiar subjects -- you just have to be prepared to invest a little time and energy to look for them. And who knows -- you might just find a little inspiration for your next photo!

Behind the scenes of Mike Pach's Same Tree, Different Day project.

(via The Colorado Springs Independent)