In-depth Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift Resolution analysis: Pentaxians, your geek-out session has arrived!


posted Friday, May 6, 2016 at 2:28 AM EDT


Good news, Pentaxians! You know us as your go-to place for all things Pentaxian, so you surely knew this was coming. A year ago, we pored over the brand-new Pixel Shift Resolution mode of the Pentax K-3 II, and now we give that same loving treatment to Ricoh's first ever full-frame digital SLR, the brand-new and oh-so-lustworthy Pentax K-1!

We know you want all the juicy details right away, so we're not going to waste your time here with a bunch of blather. To see the Pentax K-1's Pixel Shift Resolution imagery compared to single-shot imagery at ISO sensitivities across the board, hop on over to our Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift Resolution analysis now!

100% crops of single-shot (left) versus Pixel Shift Resolution (right) imagery from the Pentax K-1. This is just a teaser; we've got a whole raft more detail in our Pentax K-1 review!

You'll also find the function compared to full-frame rivals including the Canon EOS 5DS R, Nikon D810 and Sony A7R II; to the High-Res Shot mode in the Olympus PEN-F, and of course to the Pentax K-1's flagship siblings, the Pentax K-3 II (in PSR mode, natch!) and the Pentax 645Z. All in nice, easy-to-digest side-by-side comparisons, complete with links to the full-resolution imagery in both unmodified, out-of-camera JPEG and DNG raw formats.

So what are you waiting for? Click now, and bask in the photo geek's delight that is our in-depth Pentax K1 Pixel Shift Resolution analysis!

Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift Resolution analysis

Pentax K-1 Review