Don’t break your photos: Selective coloring and nine other mistakes you shouldn’t make in Lightroom


posted Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 6:59 AM EDT

So you have Lightroom and a massive catalog of images: What now? The video series Adobe Lightroom Mistakes from YouTube channel ibreakphotos wants to make you aware of ten things you definitely shouldn't do, or at least should only do very carefully. However, while in name it shares only what not to do, the video series also contains some great advice and tips for what you should be doing instead.

In one clip from the series shown below, ibreakphotos says there are some things you should never do. For example, in the clip below, it suggests that you shouldn't ever use selective color or a large amount of vignetting on your images. (Speaking personally, we mightn't go as far as to say never. Of course you should feel free to do whatever you want -- they're your images after all. But sometimes it helps to get the point across if one speaks in superlatives as this series sometimes does.)

In another clip, ibreakphotos suggests that the issue is the overuse of tools in Lightroom, when a subtler touch could have led to much better results. Many times using the built-in graduated neutral density tool or adjusting saturation may yield the results you want -- but not if you aren't careful with the tool, and fail to maintain a good eye for small details that beginners can often miss. 

Although perhaps a little hyperbolic in its title, we think it's a pretty interesting and handy video series. To see the rest of the videos, see here.

(Seen via DIY Photography