Create motion timelapses on the cheap: Make your own custom camera slider for under $100


posted Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 5:45 PM EST


Do you have roughly US$75, some tools, and the desire to add motion to your timelapses through the use of a motorized camera slider? If so, perfect -- Instructables has just the DIY project for you!

The build shown in the videos below is designed to support something a bit lighter than your favorite DSLR, but DIY Photography wagers that you could add a bit of extra heft to this slider for around $25.

While this may seem a bit complicated, keep in mind that commercially-available camera sliders can run you a decent chunk of change. This seems like a great option for the DIY-gifted photographers out there.

As DIY Photography points out, you will want to consider buying an Arduino as well to give yourself the basic camera controls you need to make a great motion timelapse using the above camera slider.

If anything above scares you off, perhaps you should check out the Syrp Genie Tracking Kit instead. It's quite a bit pricier, but you can use the Syrp Genie controller with the above slider if you'd like, as it's DIY-friendly.

For more information on making great timelapses, check out these tips and tricks from Zacuto. 

(Seen via DIY Photography