Spark your creativity: Adobe launches new free-to-use visual storytelling platform, Spark


posted Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 4:59 PM EST


As part of the Creative Cloud ecosystem, Adobe has launched Spark, a collection of free "integrated web and mobile solutions for creating and sharing impactful visual stories."

Putting the power to create visual content in the hands of content creators -- and for free, no less -- Spark could certainly be of interest to photographers out there. Executive vice president and general manager of Digital Media at Adobe, Bryan Lamkin, feels that with Spark, "anyone can create authentic, professional looking visual content for their project, passion, cause or business."

Adobe Spark consists of the web app, Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video. The web app allows for creating graphics content, web stories and animated videos. Spark Post, Page and Video are iOS apps which allow for creation of posts and graphics, web stories and animated videos respectively.

Despite being part of the Creative Cloud ecosystem, you do not need to be a paying member to use Adobe Spark. You only need Adobe ID, Google or Facebook login credentials to sync content across devices. As an additional note, Adobe Spark Post, Page and Video replace the previously available Post, Slate and Voice apps.

For more information on Adobe Spark and to start creating your own visual content, see here. Any time photographers have more tools at their disposal, especially free ones, it's a good thing. I'm looking forward to seeing what content photographers and other content creators will produce with Spark. You can see some content created with Spark here.

(Seen via Photography Blog