Sony RX10 III Gallery: The large-sensor long-zoom heads out of beta and into a real-world shoot


posted Friday, June 3, 2016 at 6:59 AM EST


A couple of months back, we brought you our first real-world photos from the impressive-looking Sony RX10 III. We noted at the time that the images, which were shot by Imaging Resource founder and publisher Dave Etchells at a press event in San Francisco, were from a pre-production camera running beta firmware. Now, the amazing 1"-sensored ultra-zoom camera -- with which Sony hopes to replace your SLR or mirrorless camera and a bag full of lenses -- has reached retail, and I've been out shooting with it in the real world.

If you've been eager to see whether Sony could improve upon the already-impressive output of that pre-production model, the arrival of my Sony RX10 III gallery means that your wait is finally at its end. And I've felt for you, because as an owner of the earlier RX10 II, I've really been champing at the bit myself as I've waited for the folks in our lab to be done shooting our standardized samples with the longer-zoomed RX10 III!


Needless to say, once I had the Sony RX10 III in-hand, I wasted no time at all in getting out for a shoot. And for a fresh subject that would get my creative juices flowing, I headed a few hours north to beautiful Lexington, Kentucky, a city known as the horse capital of the world. I didn't see any horses myself while I was there with my seven year old son for a day trip, but I saw more than my fair share of equine art installations, not to mention a whole lot of beautiful architecture.


To see all 46 of my production-level Sony RX10 III photos -- every one of which is available in both raw and JPEG formats, and which span the camera's entire default sensitivity range and a little beyond -- check out the updated gallery in our ongoing Sony RX10 III review. And if you have anything you want to know about the RX10 III, or any particular features you'd like me to test, don't be shy. Speak up in the comments section below, and I'll do my best to help get your questions answered!


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