Nightcrawling in Toronto: Vice follows photojournalist as he sheds light on horrific accidents and crimes


posted Friday, July 1, 2016 at 8:26 PM EST


The extensive cuts to journalistic outlets over the years have done more than cut jobs, they've also created opportunities for some enterprising individuals. Canadian photojournalist Victor Biro is one of these people.

He saw an opportunity to document the accidents -- and sometimes horrific crime scenes -- that media outlets used to have to cover with in-house staff. As he says, the events are still happening, there just wasn't anyone being paid to cover them.

As Vice says of the video below in which they follow Biro around for an evening, he's a real-life Nightcrawler. As you will see, Biro doesn't do this work because of "morbid curiosity," but rather due to photojournalistic intentions.

This sort of photography, and photojournalism in general, can be emotionally taxing work. However, it's important that the happenings are covered, even the ones that we may not all want to see.

Biro works with many clients, including international publications, non-governmental organizations, wire services and commercial clients. He has received numerous recognitions throughout his career.

To see his wide array of work, visit his website.

(Seen via PetaPixel