Power up Lightroom with presets: Everything you need to know about Lightroom presets


posted Friday, July 1, 2016 at 8:57 AM EST


Lightroom presets can be a very powerful tool for speeding up your image editing process. Just so we're all on the same page, presets are particular set of pre-determined settings (think Lightroom adjustment sliders, tone curves, etc) that you can apply to an image (or multiple images) simultaneously.

For photographers who shoot a lot of similar subjects in similar conditions, such as portraits or events for example, presets can allow them to breeze through their editing by batch editing multiple photos. Presets are even more powerful than that though, because you can select which settings you want to save as part of your preset and make them more general or more specific. For example, suppose that you want to apply a certain color adjustment to every image you capture with your camera, you can do that. Or perhaps your RAW files always need a particular adjustment to the tone curve to give them the look you like. You can read much about more presets in this Digital Photography School article.

Interested in learning more about Lightroom presets? Photographer Phil Steele has you covered. While he is utilizing presets that he offers for sale, the lessons apply to any presets you download, install, and want to use in Lightroom. If you're interested in downloading some free Lightroom presets, check out Flixelpix's list of some of your options.

Don't want to download presets? No problem, as described in the Digital Photography School article linked above, you can create them yourself. The video below from Photography Concentrate with Lauren and Rob walks you through the process.

(Seen via Digital Photography School)