Going offline: Eye-Fi crippling many of their SD cards citing security concerns


posted Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 9:55 AM EST


Eye-Fi makes SD cards that act both as storage media and Wi-Fi hot spots, which allows you to send images to the company's Eye-Fi Center cloud service. Unfortunately, as an email sent to existing customers disclosed, support is going to be ending for "Legacy" products.

The affected products include: all original pre-X2 products, 4GB Geo X2, 4GB Connect X2, 8GB Explore X2, 8GB Mobile X2, 8GB Pro X2, 16GB Pro X2, Visioneer X2, SanDisk X2, Eye-Fi Center for Mac and Windows, Eye-Fi app for Android and iOS, and the Eye-Fi Center web app.

This decision is due to what Eye-Fi is calling a security issue. On September 16th, the above products will essentially be rendered obsolete as the services that they need to be fully functional will be taken offline. Customer support for the X2 and other earlier generations of cards has already ended as of June 30th.

Although unlikely to make customers feel too much better, Eye-Fi is offering owners of the soon to be obsolete products a discount on a newer product. However, what's to say that the new product won't be crippled by the company a few years down the road?

(Seen via Boing Boing, DIY Photography and Reddit