Durable construction, classic styling: Peak Design’s new Everyday bags promise the best of both worlds


posted Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 1:24 PM EST


Last year, with the help of photographer Trey Ratcliff, Peak Design released the Everyday Messenger bag. Proving to be very popular, the company has now followed it up with three new Everyday bag styles: Backpack (available in two sizes), Tote and Sling.

Launched in Kickstarter as the company's sixth campaign on the crowdfunding site, the new products are designed to be adaptable and expandable while keeping your gear organized. The bags are aimed at not just photographers, but creatives, active commuters, travelers, adventurers and everyone in between.

The Everyday Bag line features weatherproof and lightweight construction and "elegantly clean aesthetics." These bags are designed to not just look timeless, but also to be durable as they all come with a lifetime guarantee.

Available in two sizes, 20 and 30 liters, the Everyday Backpack had dual side zippers and an adjustable MagLatch top hatch to allow quick access to its configurable interior. You can customize the inside of the bag by organizing its FlexFold dividers.

Everyday Backpack

For lovers of classic tote bags, the Everyday Tote offers many of the same features of the backpack, including its customizability, in a handled form. The waxed weatherproof outer shell includes side access panels. The bag is closed with a magnetic strip and the interior is foam-padded cotton twill with leather accenting.

Everyday Tote

Finally, the Everyday Sling is a lightweight bag designed for day use and aimed at "gear minimalists." The large expandable outer pocket is perfect for carrying your everyday items while the configurable interior can house your camera gear and up to a 10" tablet in the dedicated sleeve. The sling can be laid down flat when it's not slung over your shoulder and it includes utility straps for a tripod (or yoga mat!).

Everyday Sling

All of the new bags are available in two colors: charcoal (red accents and black trim) and ash (blue accents, leather accents and black trim). The Kickstarter campaign -- which has more than doubled its US$500,000 goal -- has 57 days to go. Pledging $125 or more will get you an Everyday Sling for $25 less than MSRP. An Everyday Tote will run you $155, which is $35 less than MSRP. The Everyday Backpacks cost $199 and $229 for the 20L and 30L sizes respectively ($61 and $71 less than MSRP). There are also bundles available for each of the new bags which include the bag of your choice, a field pouch, CapturePRO, Slide or SlideLITE and a shell.

For the full specifications of the Everyday bags, see the image below. For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, see here.