Raw editing on the road: Lightroom for Mobile updated for both iOS and Android


posted Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 7:59 AM EDT


Mobile photographers can now download the latest updates for Lightroom for Mobile. The iOS release now stands at version 2.4, while the Android variant is at version 2.1.

The iOS version 2.4 includes two major improvements: Raw technology preview and local adjustment tools. Minor improvements include the ability to use keyboard shortcuts when using a keyboard with an iPad, an option to copyright imported images, lens profiles (if supported) and an assortment of bug fixes and overall enhancements.

Raw technology preview allows you to import, edit and share raw photo files on an iPhone or iPad. There's a catch, however. You need to have an active connection to work with raw files. Once you've imported a raw file, it will automatically be synced across all of your Lightroom-connected devices. On the topic of importing raw files to your iOS device, you need to use a camera connection kit or SD to USB kit and import the photos into iOS' built-in Photos app.

Adobe has been working over the past few months with numerous professional photographers on raw technology preview, including travel photographer Elia Locardi. For more information on raw technology preview, check out the video with Elia below.

Local adjustment tools include linear and radial selection options that allow you to select and make localized adjustments. You're also able to add or modify any previous selections. The updated app is available on iOS now for free, although you must have an active Creative Cloud membership to use it.


On the Android front, Lightroom for Android 2.1 has introduced a new DNG capture interface and better experience within the application. Also, the built-in camera mode now offers shutter speed, ISO, white balance and manual focus via its new "Pro" mode. An additional improvement is better exporting of full-resolution files. Lightroom for Android 2.1 is available now and like the iOS app, you need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use it.

For more information on the new Lightroom for Mobile updates, see the Adobe Blog post.