Shear genius: 360-degree Sheep View cameras take you on a wooly ride of the beautiful Faroe Islands


posted Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 11:30 AM EST


For most of us, Google has been up and down our streets for their Street View feature on Google Maps. Any readers from the Faroe Islands, I'm sorry you've not been so fortunate.

The tiny archipelago may not have the luxury of Street View yet, but it does have 80,000 sheep (compared to roughly 50,000 people). When you've got that many sheep and Google isn't itching to get its cars on the ground of the autonomous country in the North Atlantic, what can you really do but strap 360-degree cameras to sheep? Durita Dahl Andreassen and other enterprising islanders attached solar-powered cameras to sheep, let them wander about as they like to do, and then record GPS data and upload the images to Street View.

Unfortunately, sheep aren't necessarily fond of roadways and are resistant to training, so there are some shortcomings to the project. Sheep View 360 won't help you get around in the Faroe Islands or assist you in finding that little local eatery everyone recommended you visit. However, it does give you a distinct view of the beautiful, rugged scenery. Go ahead and walk a mile in a sheep's shoes in the video below. Don't forget to play around with the VR controls in the top left corner of the video.

For more information on Sheep View 360, visit this dedicated page on the Faroe Islands' tourism website.

(Seen via Engadget)