Sony RX10 III Image Quality Comparison: How does it stack up against large-sensor, long-zoom rivals?


posted Friday, July 22, 2016 at 6:58 AM EST


Last March, Sony surprised us all with the launch of the RX10 III, a camera which shared much with the RX10 II that had launched just eight months earlier, but with a whole heck of a lot more telephoto reach. Equipped with an extremely powerful 24-600mm zoom lens with an f/2.4-4 maximum aperture across the zoom range, the Sony RX10 III looks to have hit a sweet spot, and since it was announced it's consistently been one of the most popular cameras on our site.

Clearly, then, you want to hear our verdict on the camera that aims to replace your DSLR or mirrorless model -- not to mention a whole raft of lenses -- with a single piece of gear. And we've heard you: We're working hard to finalize our review just as soon as we can! Taking us another step closer to our final conclusion, we've just published our in-depth image quality comparison and print quality analysis.

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Our Sony RX10 III image quality comparison gives you access to all you need to know about how the Sony RX10 III stacks up against its nearest rivals (the Canon G3X and Panasonic FZ1000) and its predecessor (the Sony RX10 II, which remains available alongside its longer-zoomed sibling). For good measure, we've also included a comparison to a well-reviewed small-sensor compact camera (the Dave's Pick-winning Panasonic FZ300), and an APS-C mirrorless camera (the extremely popular Sony A6300, also a Dave's Pick winner.)

And our Sony RX10 III print quality analysis lets you know what to expect when it comes time to print your images. What print sizes can you expect to achieve across the ISO sensitivity range? We'll tell you just what should be possible.

For the full story, hop on over to our Sony RX10 III review, including both our image quality comparison and print quality analysis now! And watch this space for our final conclusion, coming very soon indeed!

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