posted Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 5:59 AM EST


Microsoft Research has released a new camera application, Microsoft Pix, for iOS devices which leverages the company's artificial intelligence to help you take better photos without you having to do anything extra at all. The app is focused on images of people -- certainly a very common subject for iPhone photos -- and uses "intelligent features" to change settings and parameters such that the people in the frame look their best.

The app automatically checks the scene and lighting conditions in between shots and adjusts settings on the fly, and it employs facial recognition to ensure that faces in particular are well lit. It also includes moment capture, which has the camera automatically record frames before and after you press the shutter to make sure you don't miss the best shot.

Further, Live Image works like live photos in Apple's native camera app and creates a short looping video when it detects motion in the image. The app also automatically detects the best images in a burst and saves the optimal three, discarding the rest. If you're worried about having to manually move photos to your phone's camera roll, the app is able to automatically sync.

For more information on the Microsoft Pix app, see the video below. If you'd like to download the app, click here. Early customer reviews are mostly positive, with users noting that they are getting better images of people with Pix than with the pre-loaded Camera app on their iOS device.

(Seen via PDN Pulse)