Faster, smarter and improved Aurora HDR 2017 coming in late September


posted Monday, August 8, 2016 at 12:36 PM EST


Macphun has revealed a sneak peek of its Aurora HDR 2017 software. The update will bring over 20 new features to the popular software when it launches on September 29. Of these, Macphun has announced and detailed a handful.

Firstly, Aurora HDR 2017 will include batch processing which allows users to create multiple HDR images with custom styling. Rendering RAW files will be much faster than in the previous version of the software, and tone mapping has been improved, resulting in more realistic HDR merging. There are new tools as well, including a new polarizer filter which aims to emulate the effects of a real-world polarizing filter (in the sense of giving colors more vibrance, not of reducing reflections). Trey Ratcliff and other professionals have contributed new presets to the software too.

Aurora HDR 2017 will be available for preorder starting on September 14 ahead of its September 29 launch. Existing users of Aurora HDR Pro will be able to preorder the upgrade for $49, and Aurora HDR users will be offered special pricing of $69. For new customers, the preorder price will be $89, and will rise to $99 at launch.

Aurora HDR 2017 user interface

I'll be getting my hands on a preview copy of Aurora HDR 2017 later this summer, so check back closer to Aurora HDR 2017's launch for more information on the software and how the new features work.