Reports state that Fuji X-T2 will start shipping early, but Kumamoto earthquake limits stock


posted Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 12:34 PM EST


Fuji Rumors has uncovered some interesting news for prospective Fuji X-T2 owners. After saying in an official press release that the new mirrorless camera will be shipping on September 8, Fuji Rumors reported yesterday that a trusted source told them that the camera will instead start shipping in late August.

Why the camera would ship earlier is unclear, but definitely good news for anyone with an X-T2 on preorder. Today two pieces of interesting X-T2 news came out. The first is a confirmation by a Fujifilm South Africa manager that the X-T2 will start shipping in late August. The second piece of news -- which is not so good -- is that the new camera will be in short supply due to the Kumamoto earthquakes, whose effects continue to be felt months after the event. 

So while lucky consumers may be able to get their hands on the X-T2 earlier than expected, perhaps less will be initially available than Fujifilm had hoped. The X-Trans CMOS III APS-C image sensor that lies at the heart of the camera is the cause of manufacturing bottlenecks, the first X-series camera capable of recording 4K video no less.


For more information on the Fujifilm X-T2, read our hands-on preview and see our test shots and gallery images from a pre-production beta unit. Stay tuned for our full review of the Fujifilm X-T2!

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(Seen via Fuji Rumors)