Unique 10mm optic for E and M mount: Voigtländer 10mm f/5.6 lens available for preorder


posted Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 5:59 AM EST


The ultra-wide Voigtländer 10mm Heliar-Hyper Wide f/5.6 aspherical manual focus lens is now available for preorder and pricing has been announced. The lens, available for both Sony E and Leica M mounts, will launch with a price just under US$1,100. While that's a moderately high price, consider that there isn't a matching direct competitor for either E or M mount.

The 10mm optic has 13 lens elements in 10 groups and offers full-frame users a 130° field of view. The rectilinear design includes two aspherical elements. There are some differences between the Leica M and Sony E mount versions. The Leica glass has a minimum focus distance of 19.7 inches whereas the E mount variant can close focus to 11.8 inches. The Sony version is also larger. It is over a half inch longer at 2.9 inches long and weighs 13 ounces versus 11 for the M version. Interestingly, the Leica mount lens is 0.3 inches wider than the Sony despite being more compact in every other way. Neither version accepts screw-in filters.

Both versions are constructed of metal and offer high-end build quality. The Leica has 1/2 click stops versus 1/3 click stops on the E mount lens but they are otherwise quite similar in their appearance (if not their length and weight).

The E mount version of the Voigtländer 10mm f/5.6 lens

Photographer Bastian K got his hands on an E mount version of the lens and published a detailed review, including a lot of sample images. He found that the lens produces very sharp images and has excellent build quality, but does produce a lot of vignetting. Be sure to check out his review for the full scoop.

If you like what you see of the new Voigtländer 10mm f/5.6 lens, you can preorder from our trusted affiliate B&H below. Shipping dates are not yet available.

• Voigtländer 10mm f/5.6 lens: Sony E mount, Leica M mount

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