Think Tank Photo upgrades Airport rolling bag series, launches DJI Inspire drone backpack


posted Monday, September 12, 2016 at 6:55 PM EST


More durable, more comfortable, and better-equipped for your laptop or tablet: That's the story of Think Tank Photo's updated Airport-series rolling camera bags in a nutshell. And for good measure, the company has also unveiled a new backpack for the DJI Inspire aerial camera platform, helping to protect your pricey drone investment.

We'll come back to that in a moment, though, and take a quick look at the third-generation Airport-series rolling camera bags first. The Airport International V3.0 is the smaller of the pair, but still has generous storage for two DSLRs with portrait grips and lenses attached, plus two to four extra lenses, a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet. The Airport Security V3.0, meanwhile, is just one inch taller and deeper, but with a larger 17-inch laptop and an additional two lenses, for a total of two on the SLRs and four to six extra lenses.

The Think Tank Photo Airport International V3.0 rolling bag.

Both of the Airport-series bags will meet US domestic and most international carry-on requirements. Some airlines outside the US have tighter limits, though, and the slightly smaller Airport International v3.0 will meet more of these. Both feature unique serial numbering to help with lost-and-found claims and TSA-approved zipper locks for the main compartment, and they'll also support cabled locks for the padded laptop compartent, which is itself combination-lockable. Each has a retractable handle with aluminum struts, a tripod-mounting pocket on the side, a seam-sealed rain cover included in the product bundle, and user-replaceable handle, wheels, wheel housings, feet and kick-plate, ensuring that the most likely-damaged parts can be repaired to protect your investment.

The Think Tank Photo Airport Security V3.0 rolling bag.

Both the new Airport-series bags are available immediately. The Airport International v3.0 is priced at US$400, and the Airport Security v3.0 costs US$430 or thereabouts.

For DJI Inspire owners, meanwhile, Think Tank Photo has created the new Helipak backpack. This is designed to fit the DJI Inspire drone in its parked position with gimbal and rotors detached, as well as the Zenmuse gimbal, three lenses, six batteries, two controllers, two eight-inch tablets, a 17-inch laptop and charger, and a bunch of spare rotor blades. The backpack's design includes movable dividers to let you customize the payload, plus a rigid two-wall ABS plastic reinforced shell to keep your expensive drone safely protected. A seam-sealed rain cover ensures it's also kept safe from the elements, while the tuck-away harness is contoured for comfort, has an air channel to help stop you from getting a sweaty back, and both a removable padded waist belt and sternum strap to help keep the load secure as you move.

The Think Tank Photo Helipak for DJI Inspire backpack.

Priced at approximately US$340, the Think Tank Photo Helipak for DJI Inspire is available immediately.