Panasonic GX85 Field Test Part II: Exploring C-AF performance, 4K photo, Focus Bracketing and more!


posted Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 1:39 PM EST


The Panasonic GX85 is the third most popular camera on our site as of this morning, as seen on the homepage in our "Most Popular Cameras" section to the right. That listing is populated by you, the readers, and it places this latest mirrorless offering in esteemed company indeed!

Our reviewer extraordinaire Eamon Hickey took the GX85 for a tour through parts of Mexico for you in his Field Test Part I, and now he's back to more familiar turf in Manhattan to bring you another slice with his Panasonic GX85 Field Test Part II. With a street price of just $800 (including the 12-32mm kit lens) and yet packing many of the capabilities of its pricier big brother, the GX8, this model is targeted for mass-market enthusiast appeal.

Does it live up to the hype in the all-important performance arenas such as continuous autofocus?

From a C-AF sequence employing 1-area AF area mode

Still pulled from a 4k Photo burst

Eamon explores this and much more - dive in for all the details!

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