Fuji X-T2 Field Test Part I: Taking the new flagship Fuji into the eye of the storm


posted Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 5:38 PM EDT


Every photographer is different, and that's likely the one thing we can all agree on. We all have a different matrix of subject matter we like to shoot, different needs in camera gear and lenses, and we all have a different aesthetic eye that we were born with or have cultivated over time. The Fujifilm X-T2 has proven itself quite an interesting camera to me thus far, and after an initial test-run through a tropical storm system along the South Carolina coastline, I'm intrigued by just how versatile this new offering from Fuji thus far appears.

In this first Field Test I'll take a look at some of the ergonomic additions and changes made since the popular X-T1 from several years ago, in addition to some of the changes under the hood, and discuss how they fare in the real world. I'll also let you know the upgrades that didn't quite make the grade for me. Then I'll dive into my first real experience with the camera, which was heading straight into Hurricane Hermine on Thursday September 1st along with the new battery grip and a few weather-sealed Fujinon zoom lenses.





Did the X-T2 survive the lashing winds, spurting rain and blowing sand from Hermine? Grab yourself another cup of coffee and read on!

Fuji X-T2 Field Test Part I