Alien Skin introduces Exposure X2, the latest version of its non-destructive RAW editor


posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 2:07 PM EST


Alien Skin Software announced today the latest version of its flagship non-destructive RAW editor, Exposure X2.

Exposure X2 includes a variety of new features such as a new "spot heal" tool, metadata searching in the "organizer" and faded presets. The spot heal tool enables portrait photographers to quickly perform detailed retouching, all without leaving the application. When searching for images by metadata, you can retrieve images captured with certain camera models, at particular shutter speeds or ISO sensitivities and more. The faded presets provide distinctive looks to apply to your images. There are also new histogram and history panels and Alien Skin has made improvements to the exporting process by adding file renaming and resizing options.

Including the 18 new faded presets, Exposure X2 includes over 500 presets in total. For more fine-tuned creative edits and non-destructive adjustments, both basic (such as exposure and vibrance) and advanced (like film grains and overlays) features are available. Alien Skin's Bokeh tool is integrated into X2 as well. Although the user interface and editing tools are designed to ensure a fast workflow, the workspace is configurable. You can also use Exposure X2 with a second monitor.

This complete workflow solution is available now in both standalone and bundle configurations. For users of previous versions of Exposure, you can upgrade to Exposure X2 for US$99. It is available as a standalone purchase for new customers for $149. However, there's also a bundle which includes X2, Snap Art 4 and Blow Up 3. The bundle costs $199 for new owners and $119 if you already own one of the pieces of software in the bundle.

If you'd like to try Exposure X2, you can sign up for a free trial of the bundle software here.

Photograph seen in the index image above was captured by Frank Salas. 

Alien Skin Exposure X2