MIOPS’ new versatile, smartphone-controlled Mobile camera remote successfully launched on Kickstarter


posted Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 4:30 PM EST


Are you tired of dealing with occasionally clunky and often limited smartphone apps to remote control your camera with your mobile device? MIOPS has just the product for you with the MIOPS Mobile. Launched on Kickstarter earlier this year, the camera remote has nearly doubled its Kickstarter target with 18 days to go in the campaign.

MIOPS Mobile connects to your camera's shutter release port and is controlled by your phone via Bluetooth. From your smartphone, you can utilize creative trigger modes including vibration, sound, motion and distance. If you're thinking this product would be great for timelapses, you can remotely shoot those as well.

If you're feeling adventurous and creative, you can utilize a very distinct "Scenario" mode. In this mode you can combine all of the trigger release modes found in the MIOPS Mobile and schedule them for any desired time. The device will take care of the rest and execute your programmed steps.

Equipped with a variety of sensors, MIOPS Mobile can detect motion (such as sports or wildlife), vibrations (which leverages your phone's accelerometer and gyroscope) and sound (via an onboard microphone). If you want to control the shutter release, there are six available cable release modes including press and lock, press and hold and timed release, the latter of which should work very well for star trail photography.

MIOPS Mobile uses efficient Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the required companion app will be available for free for Android and iOS devices. There are cables available to support over 350 camera models. You can check the full list of compatible cameras here.


If you want MIOPS Mobile, you can get a MIOPS Mobile remote for just under $80 with April 2017 delivery. For $30 more, you can get the remote plus the mobile dongle and flash adapter.  If you really can't wait that long, you can get all of the above in March for $300. See Kickstarter for the full list of backing options. 

MIOPS Mobile