Sony RX100 V First Shots: Fresh from the lab, see our samples from the pocket-friendly powerhouse


posted Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 3:44 PM EDT


Just five days ago, Sony revealed its fifth-generation RX100-series compact camera, the Sony RX100 V. For the latest in the line, the Japanese consumer electronics giant has focused on performance, and this little pocket powerhouse has it in spades. Courtesy of a brand-new image sensor and processor, the RX100 V can shoot full-resolution imagery at a truly spectacular 24 frames per second, and that's with both the autofocus and exposure metering systems active between frames!

Clearly, this is one blazing-fast little shooter, but how does it perform in the image quality department? We were keen to find out, so we've gotten our review sample into the lab at breakneck speed -- and today, we're proud to share our Sony RX100 V First Shots! Below, you'll find side-by-side comparisons against the previous-generation RX100 IV, as well as the rival Canon G7X II and Panasonic LX100.

For this news item, we've limited ourselves to a comparison at each camera's base sensitivity -- ISO 125-equivalent for all but the LX100, which starts from ISO 200-equivalent -- as well as a further comparison at ISO 3200-equivalent to get a feel for how noise levels and noise-reduction artifacts climb as sensitivity starts to ramp up. If you'd like to make your own comparisons, though, you'll find a full ISO sensitivity series among our Sony RX100 V lab samples, and the RX100 V is also now in our world-famous Comparometer, ready for you to make side-by-side comparisons against images from any other camera we've reviewed over the years.

Sony RX100 V vs. Sony RX100 IV

Sony RX100 V                           Base ISO                           Sony RX100 IV
Sony RX100 V                           ISO 3200                           Sony RX100 IV


Sony RX100 V vs. Canon G7X II

Sony RX100 V                           Base ISO                           Canon G7X II
Sony RX100 V                           ISO 3200                           Canon G7X II


Sony RX100 V vs. Panasonic LX100

Sony RX100 V                           Base ISO                           Panasonic LX100
Sony RX100 V                           ISO 3200                           Panasonic LX100


For a whole lot more on the Sony RX100 V, be sure to read our in-depth preview and technical info report. You'll also find real-world lab samples in our Sony RX100 V gallery, and initial thoughts from senior editor William Brawley's real-world shooting experience at the launch in New York can be found in a previous news item.

Like what you see from our First Shots? Stay tuned for more coverage in our Sony RX100 V review in the coming weeks. It will be heading out of the lab and into the real world in the very near future!

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