Pushing your subject out of their comfort zone and capturing the moment with the Phase One XF


posted Friday, October 14, 2016 at 1:29 PM EST


Portrait photographer Mark Seliger's career has spanned multiple decades and seen him receive numerous awards and accolades for his work for such publications as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Elle. He's worked with Tony Bennett in particular for around 20 years, and wanted to work with him again to capture portraits celebrating Tony's 90th birthday.

In the video below from Phase One, we get to see the pair in action. Seliger also discusses a wide array of topics, from how he likes to push his subjects out of their comfort zones to the equipment he uses. While his primary goal is to connect with his subject rather than focus on gear, his cameras, lenses and lighting are all critical tools in the process. He looks for simplicity and reliability in his gear.

He's been using the Phase One XF medium format camera of late, enjoying its wide sensitivity range and its high-resolution sensor. Tethered shooting is a big draw for Seliger as well. You can read about our own experiences with the Phase One XF 100MP, including our testing of its high ISO capabilities and tethered shooting, right here.

When you've had a career in photography for as long as Mark, his desire to learn has been a driving force behind keeping his passion alive. It is evident during his portrait session with Bennett that Seliger is always looking to create something new and fresh, and that's the key to his being able to consistently produce great work for so many years without getting burned out.

To see more of Mark Seliger's work, visit his website and follow him on Instagram. To learn more about the super high-resolution Phase One XF system, read our review of the XF100MP.

(Seen via ISO 1200)