Lightroom Coffee Break: Dealing with difficult-to-remove spots with one simple trick


posted Monday, October 17, 2016 at 11:25 AM EST


Lightroom has an excellent spot removal tool which works very well for dealing with small objects in the frame, such as dust spots, but larger distractions can be difficult to remove. Adobe Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde has created a new "Lightroom Coffee Break" video to show us how to use Lightroom to deal with difficult-to-remove spots. 

Rather than address difficult areas using a single stroke with the spot removal tool, it is best to use a series of smaller brush strokes. However, as Warde points out, this can cause problems when you are trying to remove a spot near where you've already used the tool as your previous efforts are automatically selected. This frustration can be avoided with a neat little trick. By going down to the bottom of the window and selecting "Tool Overlay: Never" rather than the default "Tool Overlay: Always," you can have Lightroom ignore your previous strokes with the spot removal tool. To see the stroke and adjust as necessary, you need to go back and set tool overlay to "Always." You can see how this works in Warde's video below.

There are many more quick tricks that you can use to greatly improve your Lightroom experience. You can see the full list of videos here, but I've also selected a few and embedded them below.


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(Seen via The Digital Picture)