posted Friday, October 28, 2016 at 5:00 AM EST


Here's a bit of business news for you fine folks. All the way back to February of 2015, Sony announced its intentions to split up its business units into new subsidiary companies. Sony stated has that the decision would lead to better "accountability and responsibility" of individual sectors within the company, particularly with regard to the perspective of shareholders. One of the internal sectors to become subsidiary is Sony's imaging business.

Yesterday Sony announced that they will be establishing Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Inc., a "wholly-owned subsidiary that will be responsible for its imaging products and businesses." Included within this subsidiary is all business related to consumer cameras, broadcasting and medical business (think cameras and optics used in the medical industry). The current Corporate Executive Officer (CEO) in charge of Sony's imaging products and solutions business is expected to take the helm of Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Inc. as its President and Representative Director when the subsidiary begins its operations on April 1, 2017.

The upcoming Sony A6500 looks promising. Perhaps the new business arrangement commencing next spring will make Sony's product development even more focused and faster.

What does this decision mean for Sony Alpha users? It is not entirely clear at this time, but Sony Alpha Rumors remarks that "The goal is to strengthen their business by making them more independent so that decisions can be taken faster and more effectively. Nothing will change for us Alpha customers." If decisions can be taken faster, then perhaps something will change for Sony camera users following the formation of the new imaging subsidiary. Maybe Sony will start churning out new cameras and technology at an even quicker pace, as hard as that is to imagine (I'm looking at you, Sony A6300 to A6500 product cycle).

(Seen via Sony Alpha Rumors)