Nikon D5600 launched in overseas markets, brings with it SnapBridge sharing convenience


posted Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 11:23 PM EST


Early in 2015, Nikon brought its mid-range D5xxx camera series up to date with the launch of the D5500 DSLR. Today, it follows up in some markets -- but not, so far, in the USA -- with the Nikon D5600, and while it's a rather more modest update, that's no bad thing. In our review of the preceding model we found much to love, and almost all of those features carry over into the new D5600!

So what's been changed, then? Well, the Nikon D5600 now sports the company's full SnapBridge wireless sharing setup, complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC radios to ensure that getting photos onto your phone or tablet -- and from there, to social networks -- is as quick and simple as possible. There are also new firmware features, such as an intuitive new way to quickly scrub through your images in playback mode, a simpler method for cropping your images in camera, and the arrival of the time-lapse movie function which we've seen previously in higher-end models.


Although we're currently awaiting detailed specifications, the only feature subtractions we're aware of in the new model thus far are the removal of the composite, standard-definition video output (a loss very few will mourn these days), as well as the front and rear-mounted infrared receivers. These were doubtless dropped thanks to the fact that you'll be able to control the camera remotely from your smartphone instead. Perhaps because of this change, the new model is also five grams lighter than before, although its size is unchanged.

As noted in the lede, the Nikon D5600 has yet to be officially announced in the US market, although it will apparently be coming here at a later date. A quick check of Nikon UK suggests that even in markets where the camera has been announced, pricing and availability information haven't yet been disclosed.


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