Phase One releases faster, more user-friendly Capture One Pro 10 raw editor + support for E-M1 II, A6500


posted Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 5:59 AM EDT


Capture One Pro 10 represents a major update to Danish company Phase One’s popular raw image conversion and editing software. Just released, Capture One Pro 10 focuses on providing users a faster, more powerful experience through the addition and enhancement of a wide range of features, including improvements to the user interface, performance tuning and new tools.

User Experience
With faster browsing, zooming and panning performance, the user experience has been improved and refined in Capture One Pro 10. Image switching speeds have been increased as well. Additionally, there is a new default workspace available to beginning users of Capture One Pro software, which will guide them through different example images and show them the ropes.

Additional user interface improvements include on-screen proofing, which is an enhanced proof mode for the raw conversion process. You can view final size, resolution, color, compression and sharpening previews on your display, taking some of the guesswork out of converting files for web viewing.

Inspired by video grading processes, Capture One Pro can now be accessed through a tangent panel system. The integrated panel is an entirely new interface for editing your images and focuses on “deep dive color and image adjustment.” The tangent panel system is designed to allow for multiple, simultaneous command inputs.

Additional Improvements and Features

Capture One Pro 10 has new tangent panel support.

There’s a new three-stage image sharpening process which includes a lens tool option that corrects for softness in your images due to lens diffraction. Further, there’s a user-defined creative sharpening option which includes a halo suppression slider and new blending algorithm. Users can also now define output sharpening depending on the distance the final output will most likely be viewed from.

Additional new features include: camera focus tool module for tethered shooting; new filter option for searching by image orientation; JPEG output optimization by size and quality; movement of folders in catalogs; auto masking has been extended to any editable file type, including images from X-Trans sensors; improved compressed raw and Fujifilm file support; hardware acceleration through default OpenCL use; stripe reduction LCC for 100MP; optimized LCC creation; computer ID in license for activation management; and Apple scripting for new properties (MacOS only). There is also new camera support for bodies including the Olympus E-M1 Mark II, Sony RX100 V, Sony A6500 and Sony A99 Mark II cameras. For the full list of new camera and lens support, see here.

Availability and Pricing
Capture One Pro 10 is available now for MacOS and Windows operating systems from Phase One and Phase One authorized partners. Owners of Capture One Pro 8 and 9 can upgrade for US$99. Anyone who purchased Capture One Pro 9 since November 1st of this year can upgrade to Capture One Pro 10 for free. New users can purchase Capture One Pro 10 for just under $300, and it can also be used via subscription, which is $15 per month for a 1-year plan.

Of Capture One Pro 10, software product manager James Johnson says, “We have developed Capture One Pro 10 to greatly improve users’ experience so they can achieve the results they want much faster and with greater confidence. Image adjustment options are now at a whole new level. We believe that with this release, we are delivering the most powerful, responsive, and user customizable image processor available.”


Capture One Pro 10