Can a lemur fix your photos? AI-driven Photolemur software automatically improves your photos


posted Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 11:30 AM EDT


Artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives and photography is certainly not immune from it. Unlike Adobe's products, which are becoming increasingly reliant on AI for parts of larger tasks such as identifying fonts and aiding in selections, a new MacOS photo editor called Photolemur is built entirely around artificial intelligence.

Photolemur is being referred to by its creators as "the world's first automatic photo enhancement solution." The software analyzes millions of pixels per second, allowing it to intelligently identify faces, trees, etc. in images and then make the appropriate adjustments. Whenever it does a good job (which is determined by the user saving the edited image), the software learns and hopefully improves its success rate in the future. A failed (unsaved) image is then added to a blacklist.

Automatic adjustments include automatic highlights recovery, sky enhancement, exposure adjustments, smart dehaze, white balance correction that consider the time of day, foliage enhancement, noise reduction, tint correction and more. Face retouching and horizon straightening are both listed as "coming soon."


While the launch of Photolemur will only be for MacOS, Windows and mobile versions are planned for release in 2017. If you preorder Photolemur by December 14, you can purchase it for under US$30. As an added incentive to preorder, you will also receive Lens Flare Studio for free. After that and at launch on December 17, the software will cost around $80. You can learn more about Photolemur here

You can also download a beta of the software after signing up here.

(Seen via Amateur Photographer)