Coffee cup holder lens hood, artificial flare: Inexpensive, easy camera hacks using everyday items


posted Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 3:00 PM EDT


You don’t need fancy equipment or filters to create distinct lens effects, such as flare or a dreamy vignette. Photographer Peter McKinnon created a video which showcases eight easy “camera hacks” which he often uses when in the field.

All the objects he uses can be easily carried on your person and are mostly inexpensive, such as a belt, lip balm, sunglasses and a smartphone. One of my favorites from the video below is using a coffee cup holder as a lens hood. When you’re in a bind, the camera hacks below will do in a pinch.

While some of these overlap with the video below, Lifehack created a list of “16 Easy Camera Hacks” which you should check out, a few of them are cool, such as making your own beanbag for steadying your camera.

(Seen via PetaPixel)