DIY underwater housing: Underwater photography for less than $50


posted Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 3:00 PM EDT


Underwater housings can be very expensive, with prices sometimes running into the thousands. However, photographer David Wahlman didn't want to pay the high prices so he built his own underwater housing for less than $50.

The materials Wahlman used include a sealable container, such as Tupperware; an extra lid or flat plastic; 4-inch PVC male and female adapters; 3-inch PVC pipe; chemical glove; plumbing fastener/gear clamp; silicone to seal edges; and a 6" big dome port. Note that Wahlman remarks that a 9-inch dome port might work better for you.

Once you've assembled your materials, you need to cut out the holes for the camera and lens to be able to use the camera. "Make these holes as perfect, snug and precise as possible," says Wahlman. After making the cuts and testing everything out, now is the time to seal the joints with the silicone. The drying process could take up to two days, if you're playing it safe.

To view images of the process, see Wahlman's article. You can also see progress pictures and shots he took using his DIY underwater housing there.

It looks like a straightforward process and certainly an excellent way to get started with underwater photography without breaking the bank. Further, when you upgrade your camera or lens down the line, you won't have to worry about spending a lot of money on new housing when you can probably re-use one like Wahlman made or simply spend less than $50 to make a new one.

To see more of David Wahlman's work, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

(Seen via DIY Photography)