Lighting up the polar night: Finnish artist creates stunning light paintings that look out of this world


posted Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST


"Great Big Story" recently made a video about Finnish artist Hannu Huhtamo and his long exposure photography. “Darkness is the canvas and the light is my brush,” Huhtamo says, “With light painting you can create new worlds in the darkness.” As much a painter as he is a photographer, he treats his camera and lens as a means of recording his light painting rather than the primary tool for creating his work.

Exposure times vary from around a second to multiple hours. Huhtamo starts his process by doing sketches on paper to help generate ideas and plan. Planning and location scouting is very important because with long exposure photography, a mistake can force you to have to start from scratch.

His light paintings show a depth and beauty I have very rarely seen before. His ability to paint using flashlights and other tools is incredible and everything is captured in-camera. Check out his skills in the video below.

To see more of Hannu Huhtamo’s work, visit his website.

(Seen via Laughing Squid)