Analog photographers feeling jolly: Vintage-style camera built out of cardboard and recycled paper


posted Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 6:00 AM EST


A camera “as dangerous to the environment as a banana peel.” That’s how a Ukrainian startup refers to its new Jollylook camera. Jollylook is a vintage-style folding camera which uses Fuji Instax Mini instant film and is made of recycled paper and cardboard.

When folded down, the camera is 3.35 x 5 x 1.89 inches (85 x 127 x 48 millimeters), which the Jollylook team says makes it only slighter larger than an iPhone box. The camera uses a 110mm meniscus lens with seven aperture values: f/8, f/11, f/16, f/32, f/45, f/64 and a pinhole option. The shutter has two automatic options, 1/250s and 1/160s, but can also be controlled manually. The Jollylook also has a viewfinder which uses a Fresnel lens.

Have a look at the camera in the video below:

If you would like your own Jollylook camera, you can back the project at Kickstarter. Pledging US$35 will earn you a Jollylook instant camera and one Fujifilm Instax Mini film cartridge. The Kickstarter project has nearly tripled its $15,000 goal as of writing. Shipping is expected to begin in June.

(Seen via PetaPixel)