Snapseed adds curves, Instagram potentially adding the abilty to publish multiple photos in single posts


posted Friday, February 3, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST


Many mobile photographers rely heavily on Snapseed and Instagram for image editing and social media and both apps have received interesting updates. Snapseed has added curves, a tool which has been highly requested by on-the-go photographers. You can utilize curves to easily adjust shadows, midtones and highlights and also adjust color-specific channels. Previously, Snapseed only offered users sliders for shadows and highlights.

The Google-owned Snapseed released a blog post outlining the update to the app, including details on improvements to face detection within the app. Further, the text tool and grain quality in black and white adjustments have also been improved. You can download Snapseed for iOS and Android.

Snapseed's new curves tool provides users an easy to adjust shadows, mid tones and highlights.

There are also updates coming soon to Instagram, the details of which are available thanks to the latest beta version of the app for Android. It is already the case that advertisers can publish multiple photos in a single post, allowing users to swipe through them, but it appears that every user will soon be able to publish multiple images concurrently. The feature is apparently buggy in its current iteration, but it does give Instagram users something to look forward to.

(Seen via PetaPixel and The Verge)