DJI releases new accessories for the Mavic Pro, including propeller protection


posted Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 1:52 PM EST


For owners of the popular DJI Mavic Pro, DJI has announced new accessories for the recently-released quadcopter.

Two of the new products are designed to help protect the Mavic Pro’s propellers, ensuring that your drone is as protected as possible. The new Propeller Guard creates a barrier around the propellers and the new Propeller Cage mounts on the arms of the Mavic Pro, surrounding a set of smaller 7728 Quick-Release Folding Propellers. The Propeller Guard will cost US$15 when it releases at an unspecified later date and the Propeller Cage costs just under $160 and is available now. The 7728 folding propellers are available for around $10.

The latter protective accessory, the cage, is aimed at those who are new to flying drones. The added weight reduces the maximum flight time of the Mavic Pro to a mere 12 minutes and DJI recommends that the drone be flown in tripod mode, allowing users better control. This setup is also ideal when flying in confined spaces. Further protection when transporting the Mavic Pro can be afforded by a new Aircraft Sleeve, which is available for $7.

DJI's new Propeller Guard

Depleting batteries is simply a fact of life when using drones, even the newest ones like the Mavic Pro, so DJI has released a new Advanced Battery Charging Hub, which can charge four Intelligent Flight batteries in sequence, topping off the fuller batteries first. The hub is also compatible with the Phantom 4 series 100W charger. The charging hub costs $55.

For “outdoor aerial enthusiasts,” DJI has released a new remote controller monitor hood and neutral density filters designed to be attached to the camera gimbal.

(Seen via The Verge)